4:44-5:55 PMC Michaelmas: Waldorf Journal Project #15, Title Page

This draw; this one of my books (as unto the coat of Jacob) remind me of @TweetOfSpirit_ on twitter. He has been accosted and kept coming back. I greatly admire His, and the King’s, courage. I also admire the courage of @thegooodgodabove

I have done enough blog articles and book reviews to realize when my mind cannot wrap itself around the spiritual intelligence I am called to present on the Internet, a new blog must be born.

If it crashes and burns, so be it. It is nothing other than one of my STARS OF EXPRESSION, and its life is spent; I learned something in the crafting of it.

But today, let me tell you something: this one I will refuse to kill, and why? The SUN AND MOON ARE ALIGNED SPIRITUALLY TODAY; AND, EVERY DAY, ETERNALLY so this is my first Internet expression of complete confidence in the fact that I’ve been correct all along in my testimony, I’m exhausted from the struggle of humanity upon my testimony, and so it’s time to stay out of the way of that way and take the hand of The Way, The Truth, and The Life, WHOM I TRUST.

Let this blog be a lesson to America: you choose your lesson. I’m done with you.

This man is Somebody. Had I presented my testimony to Him, He would have mentored Me in the Ways of TARA easily enough without the King being hurt by that which isn’t quite human’s betrayal of this little girl here, named first, Cara Ann Beaty.

Mr. Steiner is not the only author of this work, and it is #15. I may very well be perusing more of them, for THIS GROUP UNDERSTANDS DEITY.

I HAVE SPOKEN AS THIS MAN, UNSTUDIED AND PULLING AWAY FROM christian religion, time and again. And I ache. For had I said to Him what I’d said to others around me, I wouldn’t have the scars I now have and must remember for this natural life.

This is the Title Page. Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s book which I began to review will come forth after this one.

I suggest anyone agreeing with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Catherine of Siena, Madam Guyon, Joan of ARC, and Zipporah in the Bible—get this document and read it. Then reread your mentor’s work.

It’s just a suggestion. Your time, and your will, are your own. (Smile)

God Pods and general work with a common deck of cards as seen above, are coming here along with “Michaelmas” ~Waldorf Journal Project #15

Let me give you some accounts on Twitter. They led me here, they are always there for me, and it is a mystery.

@loutrebrule, @As_He_Proceeds, the Ones I mentioned, and any Jesus Christ account (@LAZARUS, @the_real_Lord, @BastardSon_ Who has lost so many accounts I’m weeping still because He takes rejection time and again; @JesusImpostor, and then my @ThuggedRaccoon who is ArcAngel Michael to Me Tara Ann Moons….and MY CHILDREN)

NOTICE PLEASE: I am not capitalizing much. They want this; I want this; and you America do not respect DEITY EVER but that is none of my business. Moving along……

The Waldorf Journal will have a small art book with it like I’m doing with Peter Strzok’s COMPROMISED.

I want to encourage people to play Solitaire with common cards. It is very peaceful and a way to return to normalcy after the Internet has ravaged our lands with war, stupidity, crime, and intellectual rape.

Still using it, obviously. Boundaries? You better believe it.

Disciplined yet passionate greatfull heart

It is my observation in myself and others that we do not know what to do with our silent moments. No matter where we are, we seem to be uncomfortable with our true selves, always there seems to be a reason to pick our true self apart.

You know it. I don’t need to give details here, do I, really? And anyway, I am well aware of my hate messages toward myself. I battle them to the best of my ability. I keep trying. That’s all I have to offer here, as I continue to go through a mid-life crisis of discovery.

Gratefulness protects the broken heart in my experience, so I am saying; may the storms reach us, may the horror of this life reach us in our march to our last breath being breathed, and may we simply keep trying.

I encourage us all to practice NOT LONELY. NOT BROKEN. NOT REJEcted. However that needs to look, in our quiet times, let’s practice.

Thanks for thinking about it with me. I’m really lonely when I’m with people, did you know that? I never feel heard and I’ve had people over and over tell me they don’t feel heard, accepted,,,,,by me. Which breaks me further for I DO love them, I do try to repent when I make mistakes and I know I love them where they are.

So what happened? I don’t give a fuck what happened. I don’t want to repeat those things. And I KNOW you do not want to repeat those cycles either.

Love you!!

Learning with Michaelmas Celebration and Book Today…

10:10-10:33 PMC Evolution, Evolve Please • and let’s eat a snack

Today I’d like Myself and the World System to see something strange: a Void of non~ability to structure ideology around. I went to a park that I will begin to visit; the trees are glorious and spoke to me of their weeping. Trees weep, have emotions, and this is where I want to go with what I am saying, above.

Those who feel people came from apes, perhaps their ancestors were less than moral; perhaps not. The point is I am privileged they accept me even if our evolution ideologies do not match. They, these lovely individuals, are angry at the unseen GOD who is usually male to them.

I get it. But I digress. I am an evolutionist who sees humans farther back; that is, we do not come from apes. That is a concept of universal approach how I agree with both concepts.

I am Someone who speaks with animals and they understand me. I know people who have transformed quickly into people like me, who can speak with animals and the animals talk back but not in English.

So in my world system ideology, both sorts of evolution are much more accurate than Christian ideology being espoused clearly, and negatively, to anyone understanding this thing and that one, from evolution theory.

Is gravity a theory? I dropped my art pad and Michaelmas book as I was leaving a park because I’d forgotten to zipper the luggage. No, gravity is not a theory. But I cannot explain it.

I CAN explain how I understand a certain type of evolution as explained by another author just like I can understand now better than ever through experience with animals that are emotional, trees that are emotional, and my own intelligent human self, how coming from apes is equally true.

The difference is I Am an ARCAngel, and my name is TARA. I think the people who expound upon evolution as coming from Apes (the human form) are very courageous immortal people who have NO WORRIES on the other side.

They will know themselves and people like me—who openly admit I know I am human forms from the past—even as the ducks, squirrels, {cats, and dogs with owners} who talk to me communicate well, easily, and peacefully: UNDERSTAND WE DO NOT NEED LANGUAGE spoken out of human mouths ALL THE TIME.

We could be doing this in Russia, Ukraine, and America but let me be clear: vladimir putin should be charged in international courts with all sorts of crimes and I do not know what the delay is but I do know I am calling on all of creation to destroy that which is so immoral as to not GIVE US THE REAL PEOPLE AND THE EARTH CORE WHAT IS NECESSARY TO ENACT TRUE MORALITY WORLD AND TIME-WIDE ASAP TO WHERE NOT ONE CHILD IS HUNGRY OR BEING RAPED FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER WHEN WE ALL WILL KNOW ONE ANOTHER WITH NO war and crime/immorality screeching our progress together to a fucking halt***

because the courts of the land are not judicious in many countries and we are powerless to set this travesty, this basic betrayal of GREATNESS to the proper WAY FOR ALL OF GREATNESS TO DWELL TOGETHER!1!

WHEN THIS SORT OF UNEXPLAINABLE QUANDARY COMES UPON ME AS AN AUTHOR, I am learning to halt the progress on a book review, get with NATURE, and just free hand art.

I got this message at a park speaking with trees and squirrels. You don’t like that? Too bad. I’m a really nice person proven in worth by my love faithfulness who suffered through a complete betrayal until the forgiveness could begin to wash my soul clean from Christian and murderous ways and means from 1950 until every fucking christian spouting doctrinal error is gone, gone, gone……I wish them no harm. They are obviously doing us harm. I wish them no untimely death. I simply am stating what has happened to Me, Cara Coffey, since 1966

I WANT TO CRY. I WILL NOT. There are two pieces of artwork herein. Amen.

My father was negative towards one of the greatest presidents of the United States, above. Why? He felt that the Man’s Wife ruled him. I’ve been judged that way. People actually trying to break me by pestering Curtis to control me.

Forgiveness. It is my life song now. 8:44 pmc tells you I wish I could have been a LIBERAL with my parents even as Christians. There is no way that would have happened. Shit. But I will not waste my life saying shit. I will forgive the entire religious and other constructs that do this to us. Judge the real people, even those on the opposite side of what we think is correct. Is what we seem to always do, no matter how fortunate our lifestyle is. Judge ourselves otherwise, and keep trying to be what? What haven’t we got of love here and now America?

I am not including the current @GOP in this sentiment because they are now criminals and as an adult I did the correct thing 2016. I didn’t vote. Not only was I in a very real crisis of sorts myself, this country still is in that crisis because so many of them in the Grand Old Party support Vladimir Putin and Russian Leadership.

Abraham Lincoln is judging you all. Amen.

10:10-10:33 PMC Evolution, Evolve Please • and let’s eat a snack

Michaelmas: Waldorf Journal Project #15 compiled by David Mitchell

In the timeframe I got cheese and crackers. 😂

This is evolution as I see it #CaraCoffey

The biggest difference now, in my estimation, from my spiritual life in a Christian setting and in this setting where I am a solitary pagan, is well explained in the first chapter of this book.

I couldn’t agree with evolution as a strict Christian. I do know it exists, but I struggled with some of the tenets of common knowledge about it. I no longer have to hide behind the deception in either the Christian Religious World or Evolution (I’m a Pagan now so I don’t have to worry about it all honestly; and, I’m not looking to be negative toward anyone.)

Evolution is inaccurately portrayed as humans coming forth from animals. And that is true, even biblically, if you are wicked.

I’m an Angel. I’m not going to distinguish between the different types; however, I understand things like this on a level unacceptable to anyone around me except those I know are HERE with Me as Deity and Angels.

Ralph Steiner is correct, and I linked the article I wrote because I really appreciated that perspective. For Lucifer, whom I have worked with in Oak Hill as a large and powerful white man who is gone now, and wasn’t allowed to talk to me as TARA, I am interceding to be writing this way.

For the King, I am writing this way because I know part of my Judah Help Ministry is to write in such a way as Humans and humans can be brought to understand the metaphysical world.

I do not only do that, so my blogs are many. I am not destroying my work now, and I give all glory to the King. He is protecting me from persecution now.

He is downcast because He couldn’t protect Me more. But I am made stronger for what happened, and He is moving US along—Judah.

the rest of the World System will come in their time, and the angels separate the tares from the wheat.

The art I did tonight is showing the tendency for many people to see evolution inaccurately at least to a degree. I am not here talking about too many details. I am never believed without the King and My Brother. We are around; we are building, and I hope they two men appreciate me using lowercase here.

We are we.

Pictured Above
My private rune draw across the last 24 hours…..I am redirecting my habit patterns to match my TRUE SELF; and, aerobic exercise strangely enough is a topic I must address. My Father, PATRICK CLAYTON BEATY, and I jogged twice: 1978, 1980; with Patrick dropping dead in the street according to Revelation 9-14. It turns out the testimony goes much broader than that. I am grateful my testimony is true. I literally am still considered an outcast for what I know is truth. I will remind everyone here, and for years to come I expect, that if you treat me as an outcast you are treating the King as an outcast. Change. I give you habit-pattern helps all over the Internet for free. Change with Me, please. #SorceressTARA

The concept of disruption for peace is the concept Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, other King Family members, and the John F. Kennedy family suffered with as I was being born.

The Davis-Beaty Family and the King suffer now. Let me point out the obvious: the wicked @GOP are not assassinated from about 2012 to the NOW.

Don’t. Killing isn’t the answer and Mr. King Jr told us that clearly.



“…how to be grateful…” ~Ann_Sorceress 8:44 amc

12:33 The God Pod • September 15, 2022 Published 9:44 pmc

Pictured Above

If you cannot see the pain in His Eyes, I DO; I CAN. IF you are pro-life, pro-book ban, pro-critical race theory (FACT) being taught across ALL SCHOOLS PRIVATE AND PUBLIC NATIONWIDE;

you are criminally-minded and the universal enemy of AMERICAN INDIGENOUS REALITY

Pictured Above
Pictured Above

This Issue is True, Major, and an Irritation to Me Too

Pictured Above

I agree with Mr. Son. BTW, I never consider this Jewish Parody a Bastard. America, I’m fairly certain who you know I think is ugly, and bastard isn’t the word I’d use at this point.

My “beef” is written works so that is why the Beatles came on here, Paperback Writer sums up a lot of stuff. Also, I’m about to publish an article based upon the God Pod of September 15, 2022.

And I had some to say about rich men and humility, which comes with the territory of what Mr. Son is saying if you are an intelligent human being and understand this is an account of the king of kings who is telling you to love yourself. To do that, you need to think outside of your box you’ve put Him in for generations.

Yeah I’m just His non-Jewish girl Little Sister, Judah. I ain’t gonna agree with the Republicans, Christians, or a good many other people at this time. You done treated me and Him bad. It’s all over my work.

And I ain’t changing til Texas changes. That is gonna look like what I say it looks like and I cannot write what isn’t happening.

Suffice it to say there is too much drivel in music and writing worlds. It’s so far gone I’m just sayin’ because he is just tweetin’. KK. Bye.

12:33 The God Pod • September 15, 2022 Published 9:44 pmc